Matthew 25:31-46 · The Sheep and the Goats
Matthew 25:31-46
by Lori Wagner

The Starbucks car line is famous for its habit of “gifting.” Someone arrives at the window to pay only to find that the person in front of them has already paid the bill, even without knowing the total. When it happens, it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling of companionship with other human beings. It gives you hope for the world and gives your trust in humanity a little boost. It makes you want to do it in return, to give that warm, fuzzy feeling to someone else too.

Gratitude fosters graciousness.

When you feel thankful and gifted, you feel inspired to do the same for others.

That’s why Christianity is not meant to be a rules-based, finger-wagging, “you should do this or that” kind of religion but a relational, gratitude-based, covenant-style faith. Christians don’t bestow love, forgiveness…

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