Matthew 25:31-46 · The Sheep and the Goats
Serving the Poor—Compassionately
Matthew 25: 31-40
by J. Howard Olds

On August 31, 1997, Princess Diana and her boyfriend Dodi were trying to outrun the paparazzi through the streets of Paris when their driver, Henri Paul, hit a pillar in a tunnel, killing three of the four passengers in the car. The world was stunned. This princess, who could make the headlines by waving her hand or send sensations through the media by wearing a party dress, was dead. The queen of people's hearts was gone. Over one billion people watched her funeral as Elton John sang about a candle in the wind.

On September 5, 1997, the day of Princess Diana's funeral, an elderly Albanian nun slipped out of this world into eternity. For nearly fifty years this “Saint of the Gutter" had cared for the hungry, the naked, the homeless, and the crippled on the streets of Calcutta, India. Moth…

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