Matthew 25:31-46 · The Sheep and the Goats
Going and Doing
Matthew 25:31-46
by Steve Molin

Today is the end of the church year. The school year ends in June, and the calendar year ends on December 31, but the church year ends always on a Sunday in late November, and the new church year begins with the season of Advent. Next week, I’ll begin a sermon series called START HERE; appropriate for a new year, with a blank canvas standing before us. But as we today focus on the Reign of Christ, it also seemed like a good time to give you a prologue of where it all started. That’s what the START HERE series will focus upon.

I begin today asking us to consider where faith started for us. In truth, it started at the beginning of time, and when the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. That’s what John’s gospel tells us. The start continued on the day that some pastor, somewhere, sprinkled w…

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