Mark 13:1-31 · Signs of the End of the Age
Stay Awake!
Mark 13:24-37
by Michael L. Sherer

A young professional woman from Ohio decided to seek her fortune, discern her vocation, and potentially change her life for the better by moving to England. She relocated to London where she began to pursue an advanced degree, seeking new opportunities in the work world.

One of the things she took with her from the Midwest was an insatiable love for the Chicago Cubs professional baseball team. She followed the games on the internet, listening to the live feed. The problem with this arrangement was that, when the games began, often around seven or eight o’clock in the evening in the United States, it was one or two o’clock the following morning in London. That made for a very late — or early — bedtime.

In the year when the Cubs were on the cusp of qualifying for the World Series, she eage…

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