Mark 4:35-41 · Jesus Calms the Storm
Elephants in the Room: Anxiety
Mark 4:35-41
by Charley Reeb

I’ll never forget the first day of a golf tournament I played in a couple of years ago. It was at Mangrove Bay and it was my first real competitive tournament. It turned out to be a memorable day but not in the way you might think.

I arrived at the course early, all geared up for the round. I hit a few practice balls and putts and was feeling really good about my game. It was a shotgun start and my foursome’s first hole was on the back nine. My partner and I rode out to the hole. We spoke about what a beautiful day it was and how excited were about the tournament. Then we turned a corner and there basking in the sun on the cart path was the biggest rattlesnake I had ever seen! It was coiled up ready to strike. My partner turned the golf cart sharply to the left and the force of turn shove…

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