Matthew 19:1-12 · Divorce
What Would Jesus Say About Marriage?
Matthew 19:3-12
by J. Howard Olds

Harry and Martha had been married for fifty years when their friends and family threw an anniversary party for them. At the height of their celebration Harry proposed a toast with these words: “Martha and I have been married for fifty years and never had a fight. The secret to our bliss can be attributed to this. On the night of our wedding we agreed that whenever an argument arose between us, I would take a walk. Which, come to think of it, probably explains why I have lived a largely outdoor life.”

Marriage, who needs it? Marriage, why is it? Marriage, how long should it last? With questions like these, the Pharisees try to test Jesus. In response, Jesus gives us a teaching about one of societies most sacred institutions. Let us see if we can understand what he says.

I would like to st…

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