Luke 1:26-38 · The Birth of Jesus Foretold
The Most Generous Gift
Luke 1:26-38
by King Duncan

Fanny Brice, was a well-known comedian, singer, theater and film actress in the first half of the twentieth century. Her second husband was professional gambler Julius W. “Nicky” Arnstein who, unfortunately, fell into trouble with the law. According to one source when Arnstein finally went to jail, Fanny kept the truth from their children, telling them that their father was working in Paris.

For Christmas, the children wrote their father, telling him that they wanted a pair of rabbits for Christmas. Fanny therefore arranged to have two rabbits shipped from Paris to their home, along with lots of food and water to keep the rabbits healthy.

However, when the crate was opened in the United States, many more than two rabbits hopped out--the journey had been long, and the rabbits had been doi…

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