Matthew 24:36-51 · The Day and Hour Unknown
Stay Awake
Matthew 24:36-44
by King Duncan

Have you ever fallen asleep at the wrong time or in the wrong place? That’s so embarrassing, but it’s a common experience. It’s hard to fight off sleep when your body decides to shut down. During the 2019 Super Bowl game, Karisa Maxwell, deputy editor and producer with Sporting News, spotted a man sleeping in the stands and took a photo. She kept an eye on the man and reported that he slept through the entire first quarter of the game. She posted the photo of the Super Bowl sleeper to Twitter that afternoon, and by that evening it had received almost 5 million views.

To put this into perspective, this Super Bowl game was viewed by an estimated 102 million people worldwide. The average ticket price was between $5,000-$6,000. And the Kansas City Chiefs, who hadn’t won a Super Bowl in 50 yea…

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