Luke 1:26-38 · The Birth of Jesus Foretold
Nothing Is Impossible with God!
Luke 1:26-38
by Charley Reeb

To me the best thing about Christmas is the surprises. Who does not enjoy the look of wondrous surprise on a child’s face on Christmas morning? Who among us does not remember the rush of excitement we experienced when we were surprised on Christmas day with the best gift ever?

I will always remember the surprise I experienced the Christmas of 1984. That Christmas I received one of the best gifts an American boy could receive. In the months leading up to Christmas I had begged my parents for it, but they didn’t seem too keen on giving it to me. I had resigned my-self to the fact that I was not going to get it. When I came down the stairs on Christmas morning, my doubts seemed to be confirmed. There was no gift that matched the size and shape of the gift I wanted. Toward the end of our cha…

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