Luke 2:8-20 · The Shepherds and the Angels
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Luke 2:1-14 (15-20)
by Michael L. Sherer

Pastors are often warned, before they leave the seminary, not to say certain things in the pulpit. One of those things is this: “Never say to your congregation, ‘Of course we all know the Bible story of [fill in the blank].’ ”

Why shouldn’t a pastor say that during a sermon? The reason is that, in our day fewer and fewer people actually know what’s in the Bible. They don’t recognize the stories. The preacher needs to tell the story first, as if it’s a brand new one.

Pastors are taught something else in seminary as well. It is this: “On certain occasions, including Christmas Eve and Easter morning, you will have large congregations full of visitors, many of whom will not have been at worship for months, if at all. Don’t waste the opportunity to share something with them that could possibl…

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