Matthew 24:36-51 · The Day and Hour Unknown
Beyond Judgment
Matthew 24:36-44
by James L. Killen

One day in 1957 Dr. Albert C. Outler, a prominent theologian who was not at all prone to sensationalism, returned from a White House-sponsored conference of theologians and scientists and announced to an assembly of students at his seminary that the industrial civilization as they knew it had only a few more years to live. The subject of the conference had been the nuclear arms race. The participants were informed that the United States and the Soviet Union had both built up huge arsenals of nuclear weapons. Missiles with explosive cargos many times more destructive than those dropped on Japan were already poised and aimed at every major population center in the western world. Any act of aggression, either intentional or accidental, would provoke immediate retaliation from the enemy. It wo…

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