Luke 2:8-20 · The Shepherds and the Angels
Advent 4. Won't You Let Him Into Your Christmas?
Luke 2:8-20
by James W. Moore

This sermon is based on Luke 2:8-14. Not the Luke 1 text above.

His name is Matt. He is a grown man now, a six feet, 5 inch tall Texas, but each year his family remembers and celebrates something he did one Christmas when he was just a young boy. It happened in Tyler, Texas in 1966. Matt lived in the best of worlds or the toughest of worlds depending on how you looked at it because, you see, Matt was one of six children, and he was the only boy. That’s right, he had (count ‘em)… 1, 2, 3, 4… 5 sisters! Now, can you imagine being the only boy in the house with five sisters? Matt’s family was then and still is today a devout Christian family deeply rooted in the United Methodist Church, and Christmas was always a special time for them.

As Christmas approached in 1966, however, Matt realized so…

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