Luke 2:1-7 · The Birth of Jesus
Advent 1: Won´t You Let Him Into Your Heart?
Luke 2:1-7
by James W. Moore

Anybody here old enough to remember the decade of the 60s? It was the decade of protests and demonstrations. Let me tell you about one very unusual demonstration that took place in the mid-sixties. It happened in December of 1965.

It was Christmas Eve in 1965 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The innkeeper at the local Holiday Inn had had a busy day. It was late now… and he was at the main desk alone. Although the inn was filled up with Christmas travelers, he had graciously sent most of the workers home to be with their families for Christmas Eve... and the lobby was relatively quiet now.

But then as he was finishing up some paper work at the front desk, he suddenly heard a noise, and he looked up. He couldn’t believe his eyes! Walking in the main door of the Holiday Inn on this Christmas Eve in…

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