Luke 7:36-50 · Jesus Anointed by a Sinful Woman
For the Love Of God is Forgiving
Luke 7:36-50
by Billy D. Strayhorn

The headlines,  news reports and newspaper stories all make it very clear that there is something out of kilter in our world.  Whether you agree with its content or not, the crime bill is the biggest of its kind.  It's because dealing with crime is on everyone's mind.  Who'll be the next victim of a drive by shooting or a drug problem.  Who'll be the next victim of gang violence or a drunk driver.

While the Peace Talks are going on in the Middle East between Israel and Jordan and the Palestinians, the fighting, bombings and killings continue. 

Even though the IRA has called a cease fire causing Irish Protestant and Catholic relations to take a giant step forward, another explosion injured people on a passenger train.

A homeless man was beaten to death by five members of a gang in what t…

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