Matthew 14:13-21 · Jesus Feeds the Five Thousand
Finding Plenty in the Midst of Scarcity
Matthew 14:13-21
by J. Howard Olds

For the past six weeks or so, our staff and a host of volunteers have been in the business of hosting conferences and conventions. Your new and newly renovated facilities are being put to good use. When you invite 800 or a 1,000 people to be your guests, the bigger question than where are we going to meet is the question of where are we going to eat? While we have contributed to the restaurant businesses of Brentwood this summer, we have also fed a host of people out of this facility. Eight hundred people joined us for lunch four days this past week. We served 1570 meals at the Tennessee Annual Conference and hosted two receptions that served over 500 people each. Yes, church folk can eat!

And food is the subject of the miracle that lies before us today. In this story, there are 5,000 men…

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