Luke 3:1-20 · John the Baptist Prepares the Way
At the Intersection of Heaven and Earth
Luke 3:1-6
by King Duncan

It is said to be a true story from the old West. It is about a group of Apaches who attacked a Cavalry unit and successfully captured the paymaster’s safe. They had never seen a safe before. But they knew it contained precious gold. They tried to open the safe but were unsuccessful. They beat it with tomahawks. They dragged it over the ground with their horses. They heated it on a fire. They tried to blast it with gunpowder. Finally, they dropped it off a cliff into a great ravine. In spite of their best efforts, however, the safe held tight. Finally, they gave up and left it behind.

Later the army found the abandoned safe. The paymaster immediately rushed to it, turned the combination, and within a few minutes had it open. What the Apaches had been unable to accomplish with enormous effo…

Dynamic Preaching, Collected Sermons, by King Duncan