Luke 2:1-7 · The Birth of Jesus
An Announcement from a Stable
Luke 2:1-7
by King Duncan

An elementary teacher and her class were studying Christmas customs from around the world. It was an ideal opportunity, she explains, to share the Christmas story. She shared with her class how Mary and Joseph had gone to Bethlehem to pay taxes. It was time for the baby Jesus to be born and they needed somewhere to spend the night. She told her students that when Mary and Joseph went to the inn, there were no empty rooms. She compared the inn to a modern-day hotel or motel. She was leading up to the stable when she asked, “What do you suppose they had behind the inn?”

One little guy, who had been listening intently, began to frantically wave his hand. “A swimming pool,” he responded.

Well, no, there was no swimming pool at that particular motel. But, in back, there was a lowly stable. A …

ChristianGlobe Networks, Inc., Dynamic Preaching Sermons Fourth Quarter 2014, by King Duncan