John 1:19-28 · John the Baptist Denies Being the Christ
A New Day Is Coming
John 1:6-8, 19-28
by Richard Gribble

South Africa, a nation rich in resources, people, and possibility, only recently emerged from its darkest hour. The nation traveled through a tunnel of darkness and ignorance that was generated by a social and racial system of segregation called Apartheid. The National Party of South Africa, formed in 1914 after a revolt by the Afrikaner people against the British, created the system of Apartheid in 1948. Ostensibly it was advertised as a means for "separate development" but it in essence was a system designed to maintain white supremacy. Apartheid did not allow 77 percent of the nation's people, namely the black citizens, to participate in the government. South Africa's dark night lasted almost fifty years, but there was a ray of hope.

The first streaks of light were found in a courageou…

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