Mark 1:1-8 · John the Baptist Prepares the Way
What Do You Mean, "Repent"?
Mark 1:1-8
by Thomas Long

Bright Lights, Big City is Jay McInerney's searingly-witty, emotion-ripping novel of one man's perilous drift down an alcohol and white-powder-polluted stream of delayed adolescence. The young man is bright, creative, and desperately lonely. His language is marked by the kind of sarcasm which forms at the intersection of keen intelligence, comic conceit, and human desolation. (He describes a woman he meets as having a voice "like the New Jersey state anthem played through an electric razor.") Barely holding on to his low-level job at a New York City magazine, he spends most of his time playing with casual relationships in strobe-lit Manhattan bars, wandering through graffiti-scarred scenes of urban decay, and finding his personality to be unraveling at an increasing velocity.

At one point…

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