Psalm 100:1-5 · Psalm 100
The Wizard of Yoj
Psalm 100:1-5
by Edward L. Palmer

Once upon a time in the Land of Yoj, there was a wizard; and a wonderful wizard he was. He was big. He was handsome. And, as everyone knew, he was the greatest. Never in this land had there been anyone greater or more powerful than he.

One night he had a vision. It began as a beautiful scene in which he had been named chief, high potentate of the entire universe. The sun would rise and set at his command. He could make it rain. He could make the winds, the leaves, and the seasons. And he could create in his own image. It was a beautiful picture at first, but soon there was dissension in his kingdom. Others wanted to make the sun rise and set at their command. Some of them wanted more rain than they were getting, and still others wanted to be in charge of the winds, the leaves, and the sea…

Train Whistle in the Night: Creative Insights into Eight Familiar Scripture Stories, by Edward L. Palmer