Philippians 1:1-11 · Thanksgiving and Prayer
Jesus - The Leader of Our Team
Philippians 1:1-11
by Richard Gribble

One day a young girl came home from school in tears because she had only been given a small part in the school play, while her classmate and best friend had received the lead role. After drying the girl’s eyes, her mother took off her watch, put it in her hand, and said, “What do you see?” The girl replied, “A gold band, the watch face, and two hands.” Then the mother flipped the watch over, opened the back, and again asked her daughter, “Now, what do you see?” The little girl looked closely at all the internal watch mechanisms and saw many little wheels, springs, and other small pieces. The mother explained, “This watch would be useless without every part — even the tiny ones you can hardly see.” The young girl always remembered her mother’s lesson to realize that all must work together t…

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