Isaiah 25:1-12 · Praise to the Lord
Jesus Brings Us to New Life
Isaiah 25:1-12
by Richard Gribble

Pastor David Johnson was all prepared, he thought, for his Easter sermon. Having only graduated from the seminary three months prior to taking his present position at the MapleStreetCommunityChurch, he possessed all the latest and most interesting theology. He made the final touches to his sermon on Holy Saturday morning and outlined its content to his wife. He told her that his sermon was based on theology of Paul Tillich, who spoke of the resurrection as a symbol that the estrangement from our authentic self was over. God has made possible the New Being, and if people would accept this truth, their unauthentic existence would end and new life would begin. His wife shook her head, but David didn't seem to notice. 

Early that evening David drove to the church for the rehearsal of the sunr…

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