John 1:1-18 · The Word Became Flesh
In the Darkness of Suffering, There Is the Light of Life
John 1:1-18
by Thomas A. Pilgrim

Several years ago, I read Sidney Sheldon’s Novel, The Windmills of the Gods. I read it with a good deal of interest, though it was not about windmills and it was not about God. I was struck by a scene where the heroine had lost her young husband, a doctor. She was left with her two children, and was trying to put her life back together. She laid awake one night thinking how easy it would be to die, how happiness and love were so easily snatched away. Then this thought ran through her mind, “The world is Dachau, and we are all Jews.”1

Such is the darkness of suffering so many of us go through. If we have not gone through suffering in the past, we will face some kind of suffering in the future. Perhaps some of us are facing it in the present.

Add to that another story:

It was the Christma…

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