John 8:12-30 · The Validity of Jesus’ Testimony
Embracing Christ—The Light of the World
John 8:12-20
by J. Howard Olds

Do you remember the old story about an atheist walking through the woods admiring all the accidents of nature? As he absorbed the majestic trees, the powerful rivers, the beautiful animals, he suddenly heard a rustling in the bushes behind him. Turning to see what was the matter, the atheist found himself face-to-face with a seven-foot grizzly bear. The atheist did what any of us would do. He ran for dear life, but the bear was too fast and the atheist soon fell to the ground in exhaustion. Now eye-to-eye with the bear, the atheist cried out, “OH MY GOD." Immediately time stopped, the bear froze, the forest went silent, even the river stopped flowing. A bright light beamed from heaven and a voice cried out, “You, who deny my existence, teach others that I don't exist, consider creation an …

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