Mark 1:1-8 · John the Baptist Prepares the Way
Changing Times
Mark 1:1-8
by Wayne Brouwer

Advent reminds us of the flow of time. We are all bound by time. Time is our teacher, our boss, our constant companion. Time locks us into the march of life and forces us to wake up each morning in a place we’ve never been before, in a place we can never return to again.

All our lives we struggle with time. When will we ever have enough time? When will I be old enough? When will time stop long enough for me to love you? One woman went through a great period of depres­sion when her husband died. The grief slowed time for her. A year later, somewhat recovered, she talked with her pastor. “How long did it last for you,” he asked, “these months of loneliness in the wilderness of your grief?”

She said, “Longer than I had hoped, but not as long as I feared.” Bound by time, she wrestled alone i…

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