Romans 1:1-17 · Paul’s Longing to Visit Rome
A Gift for You
Romans 1:1-7
by James L. Killen

Christmas is almost here. There is probably a Christmas tree in your house somewhere and there are probably presents appearing under it, all brightly wrapped and labeled. No doubt you have snooped around enough to see which packages have your name on the tag, and you may have begun to try to guess what is in them. If you have guessed what is in the package, you probably can't wait for the day to come for you to open it. If you haven't been able to guess what is in it, you are probably even more eager to open it.

During Advent, this season of expectancy, we have been looking forward to Christmas and trying to anticipate what it really can mean to us. A part of that meaning is that there is a gift waiting for you. It is a very special gift. It is something chosen especially for you by someo…

CSS Publishing Company, Inc., Sermons for Sundays: In Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany From Expectancy to Remembrance, by James L. Killen