John 3:22-36 · John the Baptist’s Testimony about Jesus
Where Meek Souls Will Recieve Him Still
John 3:22-36
by Darrick Acre

Nicodemus silently creeps through the dark streets of Jerusalem, keeping to the shadows, vigilant, lest anyone sees him. He is on a mission. The teacher, Jesus, is in Jerusalem. Wonderful things are said of Him. He has amazed the people with miraculous signs; astounded them with the authority of His teaching. He has stirred Nicodemus’ curiosity, pricked his interest, and even enlivened his hope. “Surely,” he thinks to himself, “this man is from God. I’ve got to meet him.”

But how? Official opposition to this Rabbi from Galilee is well known. Very powerful people among the Pharisees and Sadducees on the ruling council, the Sanhedrin, have made it clear Jesus of Nazareth is an unwanted presence in Jerusalem, a nuisance with which they must deal. Association with Jesus would be risky! Ridicu…

Preacher, Prepare the Way, by Darrick Acre