Genesis 21:1-7 · The Birth of Isaac
What Can Christians Learn from Muslims?
Genesis 21:1-20
by J. Howard Olds

Asadullah Nawabi was six-years-old when the Soviet Union invaded his home country of Afghanistan. Asad and his family escaped to the mountains in fear. They wandered there until they finally found a refugee camp where they lived for two years. Meanwhile, the Council of Churches in Crestwood, KY was trying to do its part in refugee resettlement. That's how Asad, along with his mother and father and brothers and sisters, wound up in that little Kentucky town. I was the pastor of the Methodist church. Sandy was a first grade teacher in the public school. Asad, now eight, became her student. He could not speak a word of English. Through the years, our friendship with the Nawabi family has continued. We have been guests in their home for dinner. Shortly after 9/11, Asad called us asking for pra…

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