Genesis 1:1-2:3 · The Beginning
I Wonder if God Exists
Genesis 1:1-5
by Charley Reeb

Recently, the Barna Research Group conducted an important poll to get the pulse of inquiring hearts about religion. They asked a cross section of American adults: “If you could ask God any question about your life, what is the single most important question you would want to ask him?” In addition, USA Today conducted a similar poll by asking readers, “If you could get in contact with God directly, and get an immediate reply, what would you ask?” Not surprisingly, the results of these polls yielded very similar results.  Many of the questions had to do with suffering, life purpose, life after death, the end of the world, and God’s will. I believe it is a safe assumption that those who are listening to me have questions that fall under these categories. This is why I have chosen to preach th…

CSS Publishing Co., Inc., Seven Wonders of the Faith: Answers to Our Most Troubling Questions, by Charley Reeb