Isaiah 9:1-7 · To Us a Child is Born
God's Most Welcome Gift
Isaiah 9:6-7
by King Duncan

We’re grateful for the boys and girls in our congregation this evening. I want to begin with a riddle just for them. Boys and girls, what did Adam say to his wife on the night before Christmas? 

The answer: He said, “It’s Christmas, Eve!” And, of course, it’s true. This is Christmas Eve. And what an exciting evening it is as you await the coming of Santa.

Of course this is the season for giving and receiving gifts. And the greatest Giver of gifts is God. Think for a moment about all the gifts God has given us—this beautiful world, people who love us and so much more! But our theme for this Christmas Eve is “God’s Greatest Gift.”

Let me begin with a story about Dr. Stanley Livingston, one of history’s most famous missionaries.  Dr. Livingston had a medical condition which required him to…

Dynamic Preaching, Fourth Quarter Sermons, by King Duncan