1 Peter 1:1-12 · Praise to God for a Living Hope
By Faith
1 Peter 1:3-9
by J. Howard Olds

One thing I have quit doing the last couple of years is cleaning gutters. Every time I mention it, Sandy immediately hires someone to do it and sends me the bill. Maybe she has heard me tell this story too many times. A certain husband was cleaning leaves off his roof when he slipped and fell. As he slid off the edge, he managed to grasp the gutter for dear life. Dangling there between the heavens above and earth below, the frightened homeowner cried out, “Can somebody up there help me?" Quick came the reply, “Have faith, turn loose!" Taking one look at the ground, the man looked again into the heavens and said, “Is there anybody else up there who could help me?"

Suffering happens. Sometimes it is explainable. Most often it is indescribable. Never morning wears to evening but some heart b…

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