Revelation 21:1-27 · The New Jerusalem
Welcoming God Into Our Homes
Revelation 21:1-8
by J. Howard Olds

A Sunday School teacher asked her students where God lived. After the usual answers of heaven and in my heart, Bobby spoke up and said, “God lives in the bathroom at our house!” “Why the bathroom?” inquired the teacher. “I don’t know,” replied Bobby. “I only know that my Dad gets up every morning and beats on the bathroom door where my sister is taking forever to get ready for school and exclaims, ‘My God, are you still in there?’ God lives in the bathroom at our house.”

Where does God live at your house? Is He on the front porch looking in or locked in the bathroom trying to get out? As the Apostle John surveyed the glory of heaven and the conflicts of earth in the Book of Revelation, he makes this astounding discovery. “The dwelling of God is with people!” Eugene Peterson puts it this w…

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