Luke 11:1-13 · Jesus’ Teaching on Prayer
The Forgiveness Which Oils the Human Machine
Luke 11:1-13
by J. Howard Olds

A Gallop poll asked Americans what they try to do when wronged. Forty-eight percent said they try to forgive. Eight percent said they try to get even. In our minds, at least, forgiveness wins over revenge six to one. Forgiveness, what a great idea.

Forgiveness is the oil that lubricates the human machine. Without it, all of life becomes hot and screaky. Lewis Smedes says, “God invented forgiveness as a remedy to the past that even He could not change.” Jesus said when you pray learn to say, “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors.” Here, at the heart of the Lord’s Prayer, we come face to face with the importance of forgiveness. Let us take a closer look.


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