James 5:1-6 · Warning to Rich Oppressors
Look Who Is Standing at the Door
James 4:1-12; 5:1-12
by James L. Killen

Imagine a happening with me. The scene is a fine restaurant all decorated for the holidays. It is noontime and the restaurant is crowded. Five well-dressed businessmen are seated around a round table enjoying drinks after an expensive lunch. They are entrepreneurs. Each has been successful in building up a business and operating it in a way that has made him wealthy. Since it is the holiday season, they have gathered for a celebration. But they are not celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah. They are celebrating their own success. They take turns politely inviting each other to tell their stories. Each in turn tells of how he has come from some kind of situation of disadvantage, either real or imagined, and, by his own shrewdness and willingness to take risks and by hard work has become a succe…

CSS Publishing Company, Inc., Sermons for Sundays: In Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany From Expectancy to Remembrance, by James L. Killen