Matthew 11:1-19 · Jesus and John the Baptist
John and Frank
Matthew 11:2-11
by John Jamison

Have you ever had doubts about what you believe?  I mean really had doubts? You were so certain of everything, but over time questions started arising. Or maybe something happened that shook you really hard, and you began to wonder if all that you believed in was real? Can you relate to that at all?

That’s where we find John in today’s scripture. He had spent so many years being the powerful preacher, the one proclaiming his faith that everything was about to change for the better. His beliefs had given him the strength to stand up against the most powerful groups of the day. He spoke truth, even when truth was a dangerous thing to speak. People traveled from all over the country to come and hear what he had to say. They listened to him, and they gained strength in their own faith becaus…

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