The Second Naiveté: Babies, Angels, Shepherds, And God
by Maurice A. Fetty

You would have liked him as did thousands, perhaps millions. He was engaging, intriguing, brilliant, and humorous. Had you met him on the street you probably would not have guessed who he was -- a businessman possibly, even a taxi driver. But as a leading scientist he was known to thousands through his popular television series, The Ascent of Man, later developed into a marvelous book of the same title. His name? Jacob Bronowski.

I first heard Jacob Bronowski in Minnesota at a college conference on creativity. On a cold January day with crisp snow and a lowering grey sky outside, on the inside, Bronowski emitted a warm glow and radiance with his speech. Students and professors alike were drawn to him not only by his brilliance, but also by his charm and genuine humility. Accustomed to audi…

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